Walnuts and Rain is a Disney movie made by Thibo1102.

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When two friends, Danny and Lewis are going home from their friend Bart's party, they fall into two different holes. Danny awakes in a place called the Kingdom of Huge, which is ruled by King Huge, Danny says he needs to find Lewis, but King Huge says he needs to stay to see the clock. Whilst Lewis awakes on a falling platform, he meets a bear called Bill who has lost most of his memory.

Later, one of the Huge King's servants, Bruce Mangosteen, gives Danny a tour around the kingdom. Meanwhile, Lewis and Bill are playing cards, and Bill tells Lewis his backstory.

The clock show starts, and after it's done, Danny says he should really go, but King Huge doesn't agree with that and orders his Food Boys to tie Danny up. Lewis and Bill are lying on the platform, suddenly a radio falls down next to them, Lewis, having learned some things about technology from his uncle, manages to get the radio working, Bill thanks Lewis and puts on some music.

Danny, not paying attention to King Huge's stories, is thinking of an escape plan, after thinking everything through, he sets it in action, but gets caught by some Food Boys and gets thrown in the dungeon, he meets his fellow prisoner, who is a squirrel who also fell down the hole, he introduces himself as Fred.

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