Yes, it's kind of late, as he died in 2012, but I just heared about him and his awesome music, and that he died...

Jermaine Tonkens, also known as "Djurmaine" commited suicide by jumping before a train... Two of his songs actually were sneak-peeks to his suicide in a way.

Altijd een Uitweg (Always a Way Out) was a collab with him, and one of my favourite YouTube gamers and vloggers; DusDavid. It's a song about a boy being picked on and bullied in school, but started with YouTube to show his feelings to the people and isn't picked on anymore. Although the video's called "Always a Way Out", there wasn't one for Jermaine or so he thought, when commiting suicide he should've thought about this song, about what he said himself: There's always a way out...

The Last Dream was one of his few (Probably the only) English songs, a song about a girl who is picked on and bullied in school (Yes, just like the other one), but meets a boy who doesn't pick on her, and actually likes her, but then she sees him with another girl and wants to commit suicide. So, unlike the other song there's no happy end...

R.I.P. My brother....

Altijd een Uitweg! - DusDavid ft Djurmaine HD04:00

Altijd een Uitweg! - DusDavid ft Djurmaine HD

DusDavid ft. Djurmaine - Always a Way Out

Dubbele Vrede Djurmaine! Hall of fame!01:53

Dubbele Vrede Djurmaine! Hall of fame!

We'll always remember you man. Respect, and dubblepeace, for you!

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