I'm in the mood for doing some art here so I decided I'll release a special birthday movie! For my birthday on the 25th Feb, I am curious on what awesome ideas to do!

Its a triology, so on our birthdays we make a movie for the triology! If your birthday has happened make your movie now if you wish. 

Blind being the founder should have the first film, I'll have the second, thibo and inferno can decide on 3rd and 4th, and the 5th will be a collab finale!

It doesn't really matter how the movies are released. The title of the series is "Birthdays", and my movie will be called "Birthdays: Cartoon Frenzy Party". 

I also feel are only other member, TDOA should appear, so he will be are narrator (cause why not?).

So write in the bottom what you think!