I'm going to do reviews of movies! Today I'm going to do Tangled, which I just watched today. I will judge it on creativity, humour, characters, storyline, and music, if it has it.

It differs from the original fairytale a little bit. Instead of being discovered by a prince, Rapunzel is found by a wanted criminal. Big difference. Also, the Rapunzel from the story doesn't have glowing hair. For creativity, probably a seven or eight.

The funniest part was somewhere after they were singing "I got a dream". It goes something like this:

Guard: "Where's Rider?"

Thug: "I believe this is the guy you are looking for."

Old midget guy: "You Got Me!"

It's a lot funnier in the actual movie. Flynn/Eugene is pretty funny too. So, probably a nine or eight.

My favorite character is either that old midget guy from above or maybe Pascell or Maximus. Rapunzel reminded me a little of Anna from Frozen. Both with the personality and the streak of hair that's a different colour from the rest. Flynn/Eugene was funny, I guess, but not enough to make it into my top three. Mother Gothel was untrustworthy and I didn't get why Rapunzel trusted her. She reminded me of Yzma from Emperor's New Groove, because in both, the main character thinks they're good but then later on discover they're not. Characters... Probably a seven or something.

Storyline. Can't find a single thing wrong with it. 10/10!

Music. My favorite song was "I'Ve Got A Dream". I also had that song that Rapunzel sings to make her hair glow stuck in my head. Probably an eight.

It wins a eight out of ten!