I am making a series of things, which gives information about my Disney Infinity world! Today I'm doing INterior. Got any suggestions?


  • Walls: Fantasyland
  • Floor: Agrabah's Palace
  • Trim: Beast's Castle

The welcome hall of the INterior. Guests come in and out. There are four doors, one leading to my Secret Lab, another leading to the Rooms of Disney, the third one leading to my Random Rooms, and the top one leading to my Other Random Rooms.

Secret Lab

  • Walls: Tomorrowland
  • Floor: Helicarrier
  • Trim: Tomorrowland

By the fireplace, you can access the Secret Lab. This is where you can train your characters and other spy-stuff. Yay! The Secret Lab expands over three rooms. The Command Center, the Access Pole and the Communications Room.

Rooms of Disney

  • Walls: Disney Infinity
  • Floor: Disney Infnity
  • Trim: Disney Infinity

Explore rooms dedicated to a tonne of different Disney movies!

Lilo and Stitch Room

  • Walls: Disney Infinity
  • Floor: Gravity Falls
  • Trim: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.,

For all Lilo and Stitch stuff. Talk to Stitch, Lilo or Nani. Take your time to check out a painting of Stitch.

Brave Room

  • Walls: Vintage
  • Floor: Disney Infinity
  • Trim: Beast's Ballroom

For all Brave stuff. Talk to Merida. Take your time to check out a painting of Merida. Throw someone in the tree stump, or eat a DunBroch pastry.

Monsters University Room

  • Walls: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.,
  • Floor: Fantasyland
  • Trim: Gravity Falls

For all Monsters University stuff. Talk to Sulley, Randal, Mike, Don, Art, Squishy or Terri & Terry Perry. Go scare a child through the door.

Incredibles Room

  • Walls: Tomorrowland
  • Floor: Tomorrowland
  • Trim: Beast's Castle

For all Incredibles stuff. Talk to Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Syndrome, Mirage or Rick Dicker.

Up Room

  • Walls: Disney Infinity
  • Floor: Disney Infinity
  • Trim: Gravity Falls

For all Up stuff. Talk to Carl Frederickson. Look through a window.