Alright alright alright. Now, where I live, at the time of writing, a video for Disneu Infinity 3.0 was just put on YouTube 10 HOURS ago. Now, the video was about ELEVEN potential Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box characters. I can't show you the link right now, but I can tell you the eleven figures.

  • Mulan (From Mulan)
  • Classic Mickey Mouse (From Mickey Mouse)
  • Minnie Mouse (From Mickey Mouse)
  • Anger (From Inside Out)
  • Fear (From Inside Out)
  • Disgust (From Inside Out)
  • Joy (From Inside Out)
  • Sad (From Inside Out)
  • Olaf (From Frozen)
  • Sam (Tron)
  • Quorra (Tron)

The youtuber did make an error in the video when he that four Inside Out characters, but all five protagonists are on there.

Now this could not be a real leak, as people tend to steal prototypes and sell them. I mean seriously, the Mickey Mouse one doesn't look real to me. Too.........Toon Linky.

And this is only the charactrs from the first wave. Hopefully, after experience, you'll know that on the back of the box from a certain wave, you'll see all the characters from that wave.

Anyways, as time goes on, I'll tell you more news on Disney 3.0. Oh, and by the way, the new gimmick will be Star Wars characters.