Well, well, well. It appears that I have been challenged to an Imagination-Off! (by Inferno999)

This is my chance to prove I have a great imagination! WOOT WOOT!

Come my February Vacation, I will contribute to this wiki for NINE DAYS STRAIGHT (Starting February 14 and ending February 22), and in those eight days, I will make nine NEW movies. Get ready for an IDEA OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this might be canceled, as my parents like to surprise me, and we end up traveling. But I'm sure I can take my computer.

And by the by, these movies will be ORIGINAL. Not like Frozen: The Next Generation, but eight ORIGINAL MOVIES!!!


February 14, 2015: By Blind, for Valentines Day, a movie has been created. Somethings in this movie include adventure, friendship, and a little bit of love. Today, we kick off the Idea Overload with The Soul Stone!!!!! Inferno999's movie for today is Realm Keeper! Cryb's just a boy, but he has extraordinary power!

Februrary 15, 2015: Can Riff defeat Nightmare and resurrect Riley in the dark basement? See Blind's new movie Pitch Black! The planets have turned into animals!!! Planet Tamers is here for you!

February 16, 2015: You better hope a virus doesn't destroy your computer! See Data Stream! Can Jak survive the wilderness? See Scavenger!