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Genre(s) Historical
Release Date(s)
18 February 2016

Rasputin is a historical movie created by Cavalry Pictures.

PlotMake a Difference!

The story starts with Rasputin as a child in Pokrovskoe. As he grows, he learns to control his mystical healing powers, and soon, it shows him as an adult, in Verkhoturye. He is taught by a starets known as Makary, until he is a fully trained mystic. He goes all over Russia, healing people and entertaining them with his mystical powers. Soon, he is called by the Romanovs, as their son, Alexei, has a terrible disease. He attempts to heal him, but fails, sadly. Alexei dies soon after. Meanwhile, Felix Yusopov II has heard of Rasputin, and wants to meet him. Secretly, the young man hates the mystic, but tries to hide it. After Rasputin becomes famous, Felix once agains invites the mystic to his house, and attempts to poison him. After poison fails, Felix shoots him. When that, also, fails, he is clubbed over the head, stuffed in a sack, and thrown into the Neva river. But he survives.

CharactersMake a Difference!

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