This is the first episode of Thibo and Friends.

Plot Make a Difference!

Thibo, Torben and Matt decide to make a viral video, but when filming goes wrong, they're trapped in a prison of viral videos and must escape.

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Detailed Episode Make a Difference!

Thibo is in class, it's almost 12:30.

"Little bit, just a little bi-" says Thibo, but gets intrerrupted.

"Mr. Wilson! Have you got anything to share with the rest of the class?!" shouts mr. Jacobson.

"N-no..." says Thibo.

"Well then be silent!"

"Okay mr. Jacobson."

Diiiiiiiiiiing! The schoolbell sounds, school is done.


"Why's he always taking this long?" asks Elias.

"I don't know.. Ah, there he is." says Thibo.

The bus arrives, Thibo, Elias, Seppe and Matt get on.

"To my home Jeff." says Thibo.

"Just like always, you ain't gotta say that every time boy." says Jeff.


Thibo and Matt are watching "Sneezing Panda", when Fleur comes in.

"Hey! I'm on the computer today!" says Fleur.

"We're watching a video." says Thibo.

"Okay, here's a deal, we both make our own viral video and the best one gets the computer."

"Here's a deal little one."

"See you soon, I just know I'll win."


"Okay, aaaaand.... Action!" says Matt.

"I'm not sure, I'm kinda afraid of heights..." says Thibo, who needs to jump of the roof in the pool "And it's super cold, you sure I should go swimming in the middle of winter?".

"Don't be such a loser, just jump." says Matt.

"Can't Torben do this? He's a proffesional swimmer, I can't swim." says Thibo.


A While Later...

"So, what you gotta do is jump in the pool." says Matt

"Will do!" says Torben.

Torben stretches his arms, and jumps into the pool, it splashes so hard that everyone is wet.

"Well, the camera is to- Aaaaaaaaah!" says Matt, before getting intrerupted by a giant storm.

"W-what is h-h-happening?!" asks Thibo.

"I-I don't know!!!" says Matt.

A big vortex is created at the place where Torben landed, Torben gets sucked into it.

"Noooooo!" yells Matt.

The pole Matt holds onto breaks, and Matt gets sucked in too.

Thibo's mom, Martha, hears the screaming and comes outside.

"Thibo! What's happening?!" she asks.

"We were making a viral video and then Matt and Torben got sucked in this vortex!" says Thibo.

"What? Matt, oh, what're we gonna say to his parents? "Yes, you're son died by being sucked into a vortex while making a viral video." ?" says Martha.

"I've gotta go after them!" says Thibo.

"No, we can call the police!"

"They'll be dead by the time they arrive! I gotta do it mom, I gotta do it!" says Thibo.

Thibo lets go of the treehouse and jumps into the vortex.